“Blind Man’s Eye”, 35 mm film, 2007

35 mm film, Ireland, 2007

“Blind Man’s Eye” had its world premier at the 64th Venice Biennale Film Festival. Dubbed “a short masterpiece” by the London International Animation Festival, “Blind Man’s Eye” went on to screen at dozens of festivals the world over, including at The Ottawa International Animation Festival, The Edinburgh International Film Festival, Anima Brussels, and the Telluride Film Festival.

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The film presents a deceptively simple story of a blind old man sitting by a river, on a favorite beach, under his favorite tree. The sun is shining. Evocative sounds play around him. In the introductory minute the viewer can slow down and relax and ease into the soft easy life by the river bathed in the dappled light from an old willow tree. Blind Man drifts into a reverie…. Surprisingly, Crow is born from the Blind Man’s eye. Then we are off – off on a journey, off balance, and off the radar, as we follow the crow-guide into a dimensional and spatial memory city – a complex metaphorical three-dimensional collaged world – on a kind of road trip of the mind. This City is dark, rich and evocative, populated by various creatures of the unconscious – themselves completely incomplete and fragmentary. Step in. You’re very welcome.