Self described as “the most influential artist of his generation that nobody has heard about”, Talbot-Kelly creates physical, analog works (architecture, mixed media, assemblage, collage, installations/environments, text) & digital time based works (film, tablet/AR/VR/audio interactive, loops).


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Talbot-Kelly draws upon diverse creative strategies where an Absurdist perspective is put into action, or which embrace the inscrutable. Talbot-Kelly embraces “mindless-ness” – an intentional undermining of reflexive rational norms – by foregrounding chance, willful naivety, curious play, getting lost, the eschewing of narrative conventions, and re-making a friendship with death. Talbot-Kelly attempts the impossibility of reconciling life’s absurdities, embracing the holding of life’s contradictions. He is interested in how chance, editorial, improvisational, craft, and mise-en-scène processes might become agents of (non)sense-making.

Talbot-Kelly’s works often start with found & chance acquired materials, exploring the elusiveness and circularity of memory. Additional recurring interests are contradiction, interrupted narratives and presence. He investigates the perceptual thresholds between the spectrum from surface, to object, to space, to vista.

“I appreciate objects or places particular qualities – truly seeing them – when they are reframed, recontextualized, reassembled incorrectly or destroyed.”

In this insight sense, much of Talbot-Kelly’s work is non-retinal. Such reframing, such editing, such selecting and re-arranging is the work of what he calls a “mise-en-scene-ist”, which in its reliance on the found, on chance and the repositioning of what is pre-existing, stands in opposition to the heroic notion of an artist as a creator of something from nothing. 


Matthew Talbot-Kelly (Ireland/Canada) is a mixed media artist, filmmaker and architect based in the Pacific Northwest. His wide ranging art practices comprise works in both analog physical (mixed media, collage, assemblage, installations, architecture) and digital time-based (film, animation, interactive, sound, VR and AR, loops) realms.

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The Not Jarring Cabinet of Incuriosities  (working title) is an architectural/performative/mixed media work in production. This large work is a modern day Wonder Cabinet or Cabinet of Curiosities to be unveiled as a pop-up in a shopping mall. This project is financed by the Canada Council.


Folding Fish Follies (2020) is a neo-Dada combination on-site and off-site exhibition (physical and augmented reality) that plays with the conventions of choosing, exhibiting and preserving art. This questioning not only revisits the ever salient topics of “what is art?” and “what is an original?”, it also challenges the articulation and presentation of cultural memory, and therefore, our collective values.

Recently exhibited physical/digital/interactive works The (n)Atrocity Exhibition – a house crash for the rest of us, (BAF Gallery, Vancouver, 2017) Circling Towards a Possible Present, (Sunnycrest Mall, Sunshine Coast, BC, 2017), an itinerary of irreducible evocations (Dada Lives! A Centennial Celebration Curated Group Show, Blue Ash Gallery, Ohio, USA, 2016), in Kamera / ‘After The Gold Rush’ / Venetian retirement station of a fictitious New York cabbie, Teatro di Villa Groggia, Cannaregio, (Venice, Italy, 2015), Blow 24 fps (Gibsons Public Art Gallery, Canada, 2015), junk instrument III and blackpool/dublin (Foot of Main Gallery, Vancouver, 2015), falling:catching (Krtashreya Aurodhan Gallery Garden, Pondicherry, India, 2014), In Medias Res Too (Artika Gallery, Pondicherry, India, 2014) and In Medias Res (Gibsons Public Art Gallery, Gibsons, Canada, 2013). Recent digital works include an interactive VR installation, articulated subtext, (Seaside Centre for the Arts, Canada, 2016), and 3d gestural paint loops, 3d graffiti loops (Sechelt Arts, Canada, 2014).

Talbot-Kelly’s digital & analog hybrid experimental 3d collage films Blind Man’s Eye (2007), and The Trembling Veil of Bones (2010) have screened around the world including the Venice Biennale Film Festival, London International Animation Festival, Telluride Film Festival, Anima Brussels Animated Film Festival, Jaiper International Festival of Short Films on Culture, Cork International Film Festival, and the Ottawa International Animation Festival.

In addition to his own film, animation and digital media creations, he is self taught at his “trade” in visual effects and animation. Working variously from Dublin, Vancouver, Mumbai, London, Montreal, he has made key contributions to many feature film and event television productions. These productions have been nominated for or won multiple Academy, Emmy, Gemini and Leo Awards. (imdb link)

Talbot-Kelly is the publisher and creator of five interactive, multi-lingual animated storytelling iPad apps, and five audio ebooks (Moving Tales Inc, 2010 – present).

Previously, in 1982-84, mentored by his father – a pioneer in advocating/developing dimensional digital software to be used by designers and artists – he immersed himself in proprietary dimensional drawing software, eventually collaborating with a number of prominant exhibition designers and architects in visualizing complex works. After receiving an “analog” Bachelor of Architecture in 1990, he continued to work as “digital hands” with exhibition designers, architects, graphic designers, and artists while experimenting with cd-rom and multimedia technology (Toronto, 1990-1995).



P.O. Box 1132, Gibsons, BC, V0N 1V0




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